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translatorIndividuals conduct business with companies that speak their language. Patients follow medical advice,and progress occurs when business professionals understand facts and objections. The public obeyslaws when rules are implicit and consumers are four times more likely to buy products and services when they comprehend them in their preferred language.

Karen Hodgson

What is_the_difference_between_a_simultaneous_interpreter_and_a_consecutive_interpreter


An interpreter translates the spoken word in two directions, as opposed to a translator who translates the written word. Interpreters think and speak in two languages on the spot and generally without the aid of reference materials or other resources.

The most common types of interpreters are either consecutive or simultaneous. A consecutive interpreter is used in meetings such as medical appointments (doctor/patient situations), legal settings (lawyer/client situations), business meetings, phone calls and press conferences.

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translation for marriage license“What services do you provide?” When asked this question, I keep my reply simple by summing up our services to a general description. My answer could be vastly detailed. Today I was asked this very question, and in a split second I thought,

What did I do today? Well, I…

Immigration Translation Requirements

Why the confusion and what is the difference?

Lori Jena Freise

certified translator signing translation Certified translation professionals in the U.S. find that the topic most confusing for clients is the exact requirement for translated documents requested by the USCIS that are often needed for immigration proceedings or for any other government institution. We all know how difficult it is to even reach a human voice on the other end of a telephone call to most of these government institutions. Certainly this plays a role in my clients’ common misunderstanding; if the institutions cannot clearly relay their translation requirements to my clients, how are they to know? Fortunately I have gained a fairly clear understanding of it and I’d like to share.

The terms certified and notarized are two separate entities, yet they are often used synonymously by clients.

By Lori Jena Freise

Why should you consider marketing your company in French?

Quebec flag on Quebec mapYour company is operating in a competitive environment where customers are demanding and your competitors are savvy. The strategy you take to market your company (like tone, brand, service, product) and to whom can determine whether your company or your company’s competitor gets the sale.

In North America, translating into and from French Canadian -Quebecois French - is especially important because French is a distinct part of the Canadian culture, and also French is the official global language of Canada.