About the Italian Language

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Italian is a romance language that is spoken mainly in Italy but also in certain European populations such as Switzerland, San Marino, The Vatican City, and by minorities in Malta, Monaco, Croatia, Slovenia, France, Libya, Eritrea and Somalia. It is also spoken by many immigrant communities across the world predominantly in Australia and the Americas.
According to the statistics of the European Union, Italian is spoken as a mother tongue by 65 million people in the EU alone, which makes up 13% of the EU population. It is also a popular second language for some 14 million people. Worldwide the total amount of Italian speakers is over 85 million.  Read more...

Translationz offers professional Italian translation and translator services across the United States and Canada. We perform quality translations.
Italian to English translation of documents is a common request.
The demand for English to Italian translations is to a lesser extent; predominantly these services are required for citizenship applicants, international business and travel.
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Italian Interpreter

Translationz offers professional Italian interpreting services for businesses, government, and personal requests. Our Italian interpreters are experienced and knowledgeable, and take all the necessary preparation needed at your particular meeting or event as smooth and successful as possible.
We have Italian interpreters for court, legal, medical, business and telephone interpreting. Our interpreters are based in most major cities across the USA and Canada as well as many of the major cities around the world.
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Italian Translator

A skilled Italian Translator can facilitate the language exchange process by providing accurate, faithful and more effective translations. They are able to convey the meaning of the source text in a way which makes sense in the target culture while maintaining quality, accuracy and impartiality. Italian translators are available across the USA and Canada. In many instances, we have Italian translators with specific industry or subject matter knowledge that ultimately enhances the accuracy of the translation.

We offer Italian Translators for many different industries including: legal, court, medical, business, finance, agriculture, mining, and international business, IT including website translation. Rest assured that we have just the right Italian Translator to suit your needs.