medical translator services

Health care is one of our biggest translation practice areas. It is very important to have effective communication of health related information.  We offer document translation and health care interpreter services. Health practitioners and associated organizations who work with culturally and linguistically diverse communities use our services provide consistent quality translated health information.

Some of the health care industry segments we offer translation services:

  • Medical Translator
  • Medical / Legal interpreter
  • Dentistry Translator
  • Community health translator

Medico Legal Interpreting

Medico Legal Translator Service

One of specialized areas we work include medico legal interpreting services. Clients that have their medico legal practice continue to grow their practice through their ability to support claims from people with different ethnicity. Expand your business with our support for most languages.  Our clients in these areas also seek assistance with the translation of marketing material. If your medico - legal team is not already working across the top 10 languages then a huge audience is being neglected.

The overlap and relationship between Medical- Legal means that there is a need for disciplined processes where our translators work to a clear set of guidelines.  We will work with you to understand your specific needs.

Our interpreting service is normally offered on site, however we also provide video and phone interpretation service for those languages not available in your specific location.

Medical Translators

Medical Translator Translation Service

Working in hospitals and private medical practices is also a core competency. Through effective communication, you can achieve improved healthcare outcomes, patient safety and patient <=> provider communication through the use of our professional medical interpreters. The work of the medical profession is valued. Partnering with Translationz enhances your ability to serve the community. Effective communication with your patients means better outcomes. Translationz medical translator services offers qualified medical translation and interpreter services.

Whether you need an onsite medical translator or medical interpreter, we have qualified translators across the US and Canada.


dentistry translator translation service

Cosmetic and specialized dentistry translation interpreter services are the most popular.  Your patients are making a significant investment and therefore clarity in communication is essential. As with other fields in health care, we can also assist with the creation and translation of marketing materials to reach a greater market.

Community Health Translation Services

Community Health Translation Translator Service

Our health care interpreter service provides multilingual translation information services to health industry professionals. Reliable, professional and skilled translators are provided to our clients every week. We actively seek feedback to ensure superior service quality.  We work with your organization to provide the best service to your patients.