By Lori Jena Freise with Translationz

A satisfied client called today specifically to express his appreciation for the thoroughness of our services. All clients and translators should keep in mind when it comes to translation; for a clear and deep understanding of the Source Text, communication is the key.

There’s always the first wave of project details included along with the content, such as the required deadline, the place and for whom the translated document is intended. But indeed, that’s not where communication often ends until the delivery of the final product.

Translators are very resourceful and have many dictionaries, colleagues and software programs to assist them, but nothing beats confirming any doubt with the client directly. Many times our translator professionals will inquire about acronyms and confirm whether or not to localize them, verify unspecified adjectives and nouns (for those gender languages), and also clarify any ambiguities. Excel files always seem to present the most questions. This tends to reflect the lack of context as oftentimes the text may be software content.

Some people may think a typical translator sits quietly with a spill-proof coffee mug at his desk concentrating on his dual monitor. Perhaps some translators fear that asking “too many” questions may reflect poorly on their comprehension capability. I find that the best translators are constantly contacting their project manager with detailed questions about even the most minor point.

Our staff is urged to be very inquisitive, avoiding even the slightest bit of inconsistency to your Source Text. At Translationz, , and, our interpreters are accredited, extremely qualified and highly experienced.

Translationz prides itself in understanding clients’ needs and requirements. We staff the most appropriate, highly qualified and specialized interpreters on every assignment. We have local interpreters available per hour, half day or full days in countries including the United States, Canada and Australia. Our interpreters are staffed on medical appointments, legal and court assignments, business meetings, business conferences and various other assignments.

We have extensive experience providing our interpreters on phone conferences, seminars and workshops. Our Mission is to provide the highest quality, cost-effective translating and interpreting services that will exceed your expectations!

One client expressed his appreciated to us today for the quality of our services. When you use us, you will too!